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Wedding Color Ideas: Choosing the Perfect Palate

Hottest Wedding Color Trends for 2013, Shades of Color.
When you're thinking about wedding color ideas, Why pick just one color when you can use the whole family of color? Using various shades of the same color is one of the hottest wedding color trends for 2013.  By using many shades you add interest and dimension.  Try picking different shades of a color for your bridal party.  Using different shades in the dresses can also make your bridal party happier.  One of your girls may not think she looks good in Fuchsia but loves wearing soft pink.  
Use those shades with your grooms men's accessories, your flowers and throughout.  Try blending shades of colors such as the images below. The shades of pink, salmon, beige and ivory blend beautifully together. You may be surprised at what you gorgeous combinations you can create!
board of wedding color ideas, pink and coral wedding color trends 


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